Work statement
Lately my work has evolved into more reductive forms of yin-yang from my earlier images such as “fish and cactus”, “the mountains and the seas,” and “verticals and horizontals”. 
Water continues to stimulate my imagination. Growing up on the banks of Han River and roaming the shores of Korean peninsula, I never got tired of watching the tide. The tidal wave and its movements were pure yin-yang. I seek out oceans and mountains in my travels all over the world. I find the geometric form of the Korean male/female symbol naturally appearing in my compositions as it expresses nature as well as human and spatial relationships.

Initially a certain color, music, poetry, memory of childhood landscapes instigates a painting then pictorial working out takes over. I have no control over the initial impulse that starts the painting which just happens but only in its process. For my visual language, the yin-yang symbol works like the armature of lines Francis Bacon used to contain his amorphous figures from slipping away.
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